Turn Business into Pleasure

If you're someone who travels for work often, you know how tough it can be to juggle everything. Constantly being on the go can take a toll on your mind and body, but there are ways to make it work for you. Here are some tips for making the most out of business travel.

Make it feel like a mini break

Business travel can be a great way to see the world if you plan your time well. Because these trips often involve plenty of expense and typically require you to be on-site for work reasons, it is easy to focus only on the professional aspects of your trip. However, by incorporating some recreational activities into your schedule, you can get more out of your work trips and make them feel like true vacations.

One option is to plan some side trips around your destination. For example, if you are travelling to Europe for a conference in Paris, take some extra time to explore other cities or countries nearby, such as Amsterdam or London. Similarly, you could use a long weekend before or after a conference as an excuse to go somewhere else entirely, like a beach resort or mountain hideaway. This not only gives you the chance to see more of the world but also breaks up the monotony of being stuck in one place for days at a time.

Another strategy is simply to make use of downtime during actual business events and conferences. While networking and negotiating during morning and evening sessions may seem essential, spending less structured time exploring new areas can help you relax and recharge even while en-route from one event to another. Remember that downtime need not be idle; enjoy local cuisine with co-workers over lunch at an outdoor café or visit museums and cultural attractions in between conference sessions so that business travel feels more like a vacation after all!


When planning a business trip, it is important to think about how you can get the most out of your time in a new city. One way to do this is to try to book flights early in the morning or late at night when prices may be lower. This can save money and help you avoid crowds, leaving you with more time and energy to explore your destination. Additionally, taking advantage of any downtime during your trip, such as when you are travelling between meetings or waiting for clients to arrive, can allow you to discover hidden gems in the city and truly immerse yourself in its culture. Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure, careful planning and strategic booking can help ensure that your trip is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


When planning a trip, there are many factors to consider when choosing where to stay. One option is to book a room at a large chain hotel that has been reserved for attendees of an upcoming conference or event. These hotels often offer many benefits, such as convenience and the ability to meet with other attendees. However, these hotels may lack local character and fail to provide a true sense of place.

An alternative option is to book accommodations at smaller, locally-owned boutique hotels. These accommodations typically have more character and typically cost less than other options. In addition, they can provide interesting opportunities for exploration and give you the chance to experience life in that particular area of the city.